Hellbroth Botanicals | Age Against the Machine

Hellbroth Botanicals makes hand-crafted botanical skin potions, perfume oils, and candles for gothic souls. A one-working-class, woman-owned business with a commitment to using only ethically harvested and sustainable ingredients.

This nourishing, brightening, highly moisturising serum is packed full of ingredients to make you look like you slept for ten hours straight and didn't actually wake up in a total panic, an hour after you first hit snooze on the alarm. It pushes your skin into glow-mode, waking it up and giving those cells a kick up the bum, encouraging them to regenerate like there’s no tomorrow.

This serum comes in a 30ml black glass bottle with a plastic pipette/dropper for easy application. A little goes a long way! Simply apply a drop and massage gently into cleansed and prepped skin, before your normal moisturiser.