Elsewhere | Juicebox | 250g

*We can grind your beans however you like them! Simply leave us a note when you order! 

Elsewhere Coffee work meticulously throughout their supply chain to make certain that your coffee is good for the growers, workers and of course, the environment, as well as making sure it consistently tastes fabulous! 


Juicebox is one of Elsewhere's house coffees focused on fantastic fruity flavours. It rotates seasonally to maintain the best quality and taste all year round. Lovely. 

Right now it's a fresh Ethiopian single origin with a juicy acidity. Expect a sweet medium body with notes of apricot jam, blueberries and lime. 

Process: Natural 

Altitude: 2000 - 2300 masl

Region: Oromia, Guji, Ethiopia

Variety: Heirloom