Cocchi di Torino

Sweet, amber, Italian vermouth from an original recipe by Giulio Cocchi.

Herbs such as cinchona and rhubarb lightly tinge the beautiful light wine with a brownish colour. To accentuate the amber tone browned sugar is used, giving this vermouth a special crunchy, cotton candy sweetness that balances the bitterness without the use of vanilla. Expect rich flavours, vibrant notes of cocoa and bitter orange. Herbs and woods with unique aromas are used as minor ingredients including sandalwood, musk, myrrh, nutmeg.

Delicious as it is with ice and lemon zest, but will probably become your must have essential for that perfect negroni or manhattan.

16% Abv. This product contains alcohol and is not permitted for sale to under 18s. ID maybe required on collection.