Cocchi Americano Rosa

This delicious aperitif is the most recent variation of the classic Cocchi Americano recipe by Giulio Cocchi.

A base of red wines from Piedmont is combined with herbs, spices, gentian, cinchona, citrus zests and rose petals. The drink is refined with natural extracts of flowers and spices, gentian, cinchona and citrus similar to its better known counterpart but with the addition of saffron, vanilla and rose petals. On its label is the original futurist rooster designed in the 30’s, representing its best function as an aperitif ‘awakening the appetite’. 

Best served 2-1 parts aperitif to soda with a generous garnish of grapefruit or lemon and ice. 

16.5% Abv. This product contains alcohol and is not permitted for sale to under 18s. ID maybe required on collection.