Seasonal, local and sustainable produce is at the heart of everything we do.

We work with organic, local, and artisan suppliers to provide, fresh, feel-good, ingredient-led food that changes day to day and seasonally. 

Our weekly fruit & vegetable delivery from Organic North is always for sale in the shop as well as used in our deli. It’s always 100% organic, largely UK Grown and often contains unusual delights. It always arrives on Thursdays so if you want the best pick that’s the day to come! (There's always plenty throughout the week as well).



Breakfast Sandwich & A Coffee | £6 Choose from Bacon, Sausage or Vegan Bacon (Until 11am) 
Homemade Granola, Fruit and Yoghurt | £4.5 Dairy Free / Vegan Available 
Daily Selection of Artisan Pastries | £2-3 


Daily Selection of Homemade Salads | £6/8 Small/Large  
Daily Selection of Sarnies | £5 Meat, Vegetarian, Vegan Options All Available
Daily Selection of Homemade Cakes & Sweet Things | £3-4 
(We also have a large range of hot drinks, cold drinks, beers, cocktails, non-alcoholic beers, natural wines and more!)    


We stock hundreds of small-supplier, handmade, artisan food products in our shop. Every one of our products is carefully considered before we stock it for whether it’s organic, supports our local economy, reduces food miles, or is considered ethical in other ways, so you can relax and shop with confidence in what you are buying!