Shepherds Purse | Blumin White

Creamy blue mould-ripened cheese made with milk from happy Yorkshire cows.

Bluemin White is made in small truckles and ripened with great care in our carefully managed ripening stores. Importantly, they're not spiked so they have no blue vein, but they develop a velvety blue rind and ripens gently from the outside in. This breaks down the body of the cheese to an unctuous heaven.

Developed in 2010 by Katie Matten (née Bell) on our family farm, Bluemin White picked up a three-star Great Taste Award, which placed it in the top 125 tasty foods in the country, it then went on to win multiple Super Golds and Golds at the World Cheese awards Gold at the British Cheese Awards.  

Allergens: Contains Milk (pasteurised)